Hammer and Chisel Progress DAY 16/60

Hey guys, Update on my progress with Hammer and Chisel program. This program comes with 13 workouts which is amazing and I love the variety. It also has 2 trainers Sigi from body beast and Autumn from the 21 day fix. I am on day 16 of 60. It is all about lifting weights and building muscle, toning up and getting shredded. I sometimes want instant results just like everyone else. I know that it takes time and dedication, nothing comes without hard work. I was beginning to get discouraged because the scale has stayed the same infact it is up 2 lbs! So, I pulled up my big girl panties and took some progress photos because the scale does not tell the whole story.............

THIS .....is what I saw and I was instantly motivated and excited by my results. I thought I felt leaner and I was able to see my abs a bit, but that number on the scale can definitely play tricks on our body. My goal is not to lose weight anymore, it was and now that I have all I want is to be healthy, fit and strong. That is exactly what this program is offering me. I will keep you all updated on my progress. Until next time.