21 Day Fix Extreme Day 1

I have always been a little chubby, always wanted to have that body that other people on the beach seemed to have. Losing weight was always a very hard thing for me to do. I had to be very strict for any progress to be made. Once I made that progress, I would fall off the bandwagon gain it back and feel disappointing and guilty! This all changed when I found the 21 day fix, I have lost 40 lbs and have been able to keep it off. However, I have been maintaining for a while and now I am ready to take things to the next level!

I have committed to doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme and staying on course to see how my body can transform. Day 1 was great, I was feel mentally strong and killed my workout! My legs were shaking during and I had to use the modifier several times. After it was over a few celebratory tears sprung to my eyes! I am doing this, I am finally doing this. For those of you who have followed my journey back in November  2015, I was diagnosed with Melanoma for the second time. I had just begin 21 day fix extreme but my mind and my heart was not in it, and I quit. Instead of fighting my way though, I felt sorry for myself. Doing this program has a special meaning to me which is why the feeling of completion of even just the first workout was so amazing to me. 

The hardest part about this week I think will be my meal planning, I just decided on a random Monday night, I am doing this. No meal planning, no prep of any kind so I am just getting though my days making sure I get all of my containers in. Next week I will make things a bit easier on myself and make a plan. I woke up feeling very sore today like, holy cow, how can a person be this sore after 1 workout! I must remember to take my recovery on hard days. 

I have also enlisted my husband to help, my snack of choice at 10:30 pm is a bowl a cereal, I told him to use whatever force necessary to help me stay on track, pretty sure he is gonna have some fun these next 21 days! 

Day 2 here I come, I am sore, but I am excited and I am ready to see what 21 days of commitment can do for my body! 6/22/16  -Lisa XOXO