My first weekend on 21 day fix extreme

Ohhhhhh boy, I knew the weekend would be a bit harder than the week. But wow it was much harder than I had anticipated. It helps me to realize all the treats I allow into my life. And I am 100% ok with that on a normal basis! I view it as a lifestyle I will always have sugar, wine, pizza, french fries and junk food. It is going to happen, now I just know how to use moderation to make it a treat and not an every day occurrence. Back in the day my diet was full of those treats which helped me get to 155 lbs on a my 4'11 frame in the first place. I am pretty sure I didn't even eat vegetables then lol! 

Me and my little munchkin as we headed to a little local fair and I even ate before I went but that didn't stop the mouth drooling food from tempting my to the core. People we are talking funnel cake and Nutella pizza! I mean seriously though it was HARD! I got though first because I told my husband whatever you do don't let me eat anything unhealthy here. Sometimes you need someone else to tell you no. I can be pretty convincing when I want something! Second I planned on having Vanilla greek yogurt and berries when I got home along with 1 small banana oat pancake with peanut butter when I got home. It got me though! 

I even went to another, yes another Lularoe party my friend was having and luckily she had some fruit and a veggie tray so I was good! this is awesome I was not tempted by the sangria but then a guest walks in late and is carrying a tray and as soon as she takes the cover off....I almost attacked her! It was chocolate brownies and they were still WARM, the smell permeated the entire house and I just kept repeating to myself, do not eat that brownie, do NOT eat a brownie, it is not worth it. 

I finished up shopping ( and was very proud to step outside of my comfort zone  and get a crazy pattern!) and got out of there. After I was in the car a rush of happiness flushed though me. I can not tell you how amazing it feels to have made it though so many situations this weekend and stuck to my goals and what I said I was gonna do. 

I have entered myself into this test group to be apart of the 21 day fix extreme commercial and I intend to follow it though! I am normally not this strick with myself, in fact I would have given into many of those temptations of some sort but to say that I made it and I am proud of myself is an understatement. 

My last victory of the weekend after everything is that I had not doe my workout for sunday which is YOGA, I planned on getting it done before bed because it is relaxing. Well... I felt tired I had a long weekend and I had a headache. I was laying in bed thinking there is no way I can do this. My husband ask well, what are you gonna do? I asked him to bring me advil and I started chugging some water because no WAY was I gonna make it though all that and not get my workout in. at 11:00 pm. it was done and I was again very happy with myself. 

This journey is not always easy but it is always worth it!!!! Bring on DAY 7!!!!!!!