Brazillian Butt Lift TRANSFORMATION!

🍑 Holy booty transformation 🍑

I started with MOM BUTT! No other way to put it! I wanted to do this program for so long but kept putting it off thinking it would only work only my butt, however, I have toned everywhere! 

Now my leggings, jeans, shorts and clearly bikini all looks better because of this program...I'll definitely be sporting my bikinis with confidence this summer!

I got these results by never stepping foot in a gym, I workout out at home when it worked for me. I followed a simple meal plan that allowed for treats and let's be real I was not perfect with my nutrition but I did my best every day getting in my superfoods that made all the difference! 

If you want to tone up for summer this is your program! 

My accountability group kicks off soon so if you are ready to get bikini body ready fill out the submission form at the top of this page to join me on this journey! 

30 Day Brazillian Butt Lift Results

Here they are! 

My progress photos for Brazillian Butt Lift! Man I have lost inches on my thighs, hips, calf and even my arms and waist! 

I can now tighten my butt muscle nicely! Before I would try to squeeze and not much happened 😂 it is getting rounder 🍑 by the day and I have a muscle in there now! 

I am so excited to continue with my next 30 days and work towards my final before and afters. I was so worried this program would only focus on my butt however that is not the case and I never stepped foot into a gym! 

I invite you to join me if are looking to get bikini ready for the summer this is what you need!

You'll get workouts suited to you and your goals, a simple clean eating meal plan that teaches balance and nutrient dense shake to kill your cravings so you can actually stay on track! To join me fill out the application below!

I can NOT WAIT to see what the next 30 days will bring! If you would like to follow my daily journey follow me over at

Country Heat Review

Ok here it is.....My real raw and honest thoughts on the new Country Heat Program from Autumn Calabrese! If you have followed my journey at all you know that I started out my journey with Beachbody at About 140 lbs with the 21 day fix! I adored that program and the creator of it Autumn. When I heard they were coming out with a dance heart sank. I do like country music not the twangy old timey country music but the new age mind went right to line dancing. I am not a fan of line dancing, I am already fit and wasn't sure what the program had to offer me. needless to say this is pretty close to how I felt when I heard of the program! 

I tried the program during a sneak peak and .....I LOVED the music. It was not what I had imagined at all. I was also worried about the fact that I have 2 left feet...I don't know about you but I LOVE to dance just not that great at it! have you ever watched a dance based movie like step it up and been in your seat jamming away proclaiming to all your friends " I could so do that!!!" and say we should take dance classes!!!! Yeah....that's me. I wanna be a dancer but my inner coordination, says think again white girl lol! I loved that it is only 2 steps that I had to learn and then started on new ones. No long routine to remember! Here I was after my first workout!!!! 

Let's first start off my saying I officially take back every bad thing I have ever said about Zumba!!! That first was freaking fun!!! I was sweating like crazy and had burned 238 calories which for my 4'11 small frame is amazing. I was dancing clapping and smiling my way though my workout. The first week I stuck to my nutrition plan ( which includes wine and chocolate !!!) I lost 3 lbs breaking a plateau and getting to 110.6 lbs! ALL this from dancing! 

When I say this program is for everyone I kid you not! I have women in my challenge group who have not worked out in years and were able to finish an entire workout without feeling like they wanted to quit because it was to hard. I have people who are already fit getting a great cardio workout while dancing! This program is literally for EVERYONE! 

I am so excited to run a group with other ladies doing this same program because we can laugh at our left feet and show our sweaty selfies and encourage each other! If you would like to be apart of one of my challenge groups click the link at the top of the page, fill it out and I will get you in there meeting your goals with up! Life is to short to go at it alone! 

21 Day Fix Extreme Day 1

I have always been a little chubby, always wanted to have that body that other people on the beach seemed to have. Losing weight was always a very hard thing for me to do. I had to be very strict for any progress to be made. Once I made that progress, I would fall off the bandwagon gain it back and feel disappointing and guilty! This all changed when I found the 21 day fix, I have lost 40 lbs and have been able to keep it off. However, I have been maintaining for a while and now I am ready to take things to the next level!

I have committed to doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme and staying on course to see how my body can transform. Day 1 was great, I was feel mentally strong and killed my workout! My legs were shaking during and I had to use the modifier several times. After it was over a few celebratory tears sprung to my eyes! I am doing this, I am finally doing this. For those of you who have followed my journey back in November  2015, I was diagnosed with Melanoma for the second time. I had just begin 21 day fix extreme but my mind and my heart was not in it, and I quit. Instead of fighting my way though, I felt sorry for myself. Doing this program has a special meaning to me which is why the feeling of completion of even just the first workout was so amazing to me. 

The hardest part about this week I think will be my meal planning, I just decided on a random Monday night, I am doing this. No meal planning, no prep of any kind so I am just getting though my days making sure I get all of my containers in. Next week I will make things a bit easier on myself and make a plan. I woke up feeling very sore today like, holy cow, how can a person be this sore after 1 workout! I must remember to take my recovery on hard days. 

I have also enlisted my husband to help, my snack of choice at 10:30 pm is a bowl a cereal, I told him to use whatever force necessary to help me stay on track, pretty sure he is gonna have some fun these next 21 days! 

Day 2 here I come, I am sore, but I am excited and I am ready to see what 21 days of commitment can do for my body! 6/22/16  -Lisa XOXO