Relieve Burns Naturally

 I got 6 inches cut off of my hair length and the very first day I tried to curl it, I burned myself on the curling know you have been there. Let's not even talk about the times we burned our ears or worse forehead for an ugly red mark appears then eventually turns into a scab on our FACE! Luckily this time it was only my finger. I always have the instinct to run a burn under cold water which feels good while its there, but as soon as you remove it the burning is twice as bad.

My Solution......

• Soothes occasional skin irritations• Taken internally, Lavender reduces anxiousfeeling and promotes peaceful sleep-• Helps ease feelings of tension.- (1).png

It provides so much relive and helps the skin irritation to heal faster with less pain. I love oils they are so versatile and I can use them for my whole family when mishaps occur! Even when I do it myself LOL!

Lemon Essential oil

I love waking up to a warm cup of lemon water, have you ever tried lemon water with an actual lemon, yikes it is very sour and bitter. I knew there had to be something better so I turned to my Doterra Lemon essential oil. Just 2 drops of this in the morning is so comforting and has great benefits for the body.