New Hair Cut

It can be very hard to commit to a short hair style, I would love nothing more than to have super beautiful long flowing locks....wouldn't we all! The nature of my hair is thin and the longer it gets the crazier I look. It ends up in a messy but about 95% of the I decided to go for it and I am super happy with this trendy textured bob!

This style is versatile, I will be showing different styles that can be den with shorter hair, so stay tuned for that! I have added in highlights and low lights to give dimension to this look! 

5 minute updo for short hair!

Hello beautiful! Here is a super fast and easy updo for short hair, don't get me wrong, I also did this when my hair was longer. After cutting off so much hair, I felt a little stuck in my ability to pull my hair up. I was experimenting and this worked perfectly. You just need a few booby pins, hair spray and a very thin rubber band like hair tie. check it out! Don't forget to share :)