I love when this happens! I went to try on a pair of jeans this morning and I had not taken these jeans off the shelf in about a month. Since being on my heath and fitness journey I have gotten rid of stacks of clothes that do not fit me anymore. I KNEW the moment I found the 21 day fix and saw results on my first week, I would not go back. Each time I had a pair of jeans or slacks that were too big, I put them in the pile to be consigned. Was it hard....YES by doing this I was committing to myself that I would not gain back the weight. If I did I would have to re purchase new pants! It really is a mental shift, before I would say well I'll hang on to them because I might need them so by getting rid of them it says alot about where you are going in your journey. 


I remember these well! I purchased them when they were a little snug and I struggled for years to fit into them, many times I would try them on and feel so down that they just squished my muffin to out and they were literally uncomfortable. I held strong and didn't get rid of them when I began on my journey I still kept them wondering if they fit and well the did until today. Now my "skinny" jeans no longer fit me because they are too loose. You can tell by the look on my face how happy and excited I was. I couldn't help but share this part of my journey with you because I am so proud of how far I have come. 

Nothing makes me happier than to see pictures of other people like these if you have a win I would love to see a picture of you win! Please share below a NSV ( Non Scale Victory) these to me are the best NSV of all time. We all want to feel good in our I do :)