21 Day Fix Extreme Day 1

I have always been a little chubby, always wanted to have that body that other people on the beach seemed to have. Losing weight was always a very hard thing for me to do. I had to be very strict for any progress to be made. Once I made that progress, I would fall off the bandwagon gain it back and feel disappointing and guilty! This all changed when I found the 21 day fix, I have lost 40 lbs and have been able to keep it off. However, I have been maintaining for a while and now I am ready to take things to the next level!

I have committed to doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme and staying on course to see how my body can transform. Day 1 was great, I was feel mentally strong and killed my workout! My legs were shaking during and I had to use the modifier several times. After it was over a few celebratory tears sprung to my eyes! I am doing this, I am finally doing this. For those of you who have followed my journey back in November  2015, I was diagnosed with Melanoma for the second time. I had just begin 21 day fix extreme but my mind and my heart was not in it, and I quit. Instead of fighting my way though, I felt sorry for myself. Doing this program has a special meaning to me which is why the feeling of completion of even just the first workout was so amazing to me. 

The hardest part about this week I think will be my meal planning, I just decided on a random Monday night, I am doing this. No meal planning, no prep of any kind so I am just getting though my days making sure I get all of my containers in. Next week I will make things a bit easier on myself and make a plan. I woke up feeling very sore today like, holy cow, how can a person be this sore after 1 workout! I must remember to take my recovery on hard days. 

I have also enlisted my husband to help, my snack of choice at 10:30 pm is a bowl a cereal, I told him to use whatever force necessary to help me stay on track, pretty sure he is gonna have some fun these next 21 days! 

Day 2 here I come, I am sore, but I am excited and I am ready to see what 21 days of commitment can do for my body! 6/22/16  -Lisa XOXO



I love when this happens! I went to try on a pair of jeans this morning and I had not taken these jeans off the shelf in about a month. Since being on my heath and fitness journey I have gotten rid of stacks of clothes that do not fit me anymore. I KNEW the moment I found the 21 day fix and saw results on my first week, I would not go back. Each time I had a pair of jeans or slacks that were too big, I put them in the pile to be consigned. Was it hard....YES by doing this I was committing to myself that I would not gain back the weight. If I did I would have to re purchase new pants! It really is a mental shift, before I would say well I'll hang on to them because I might need them so by getting rid of them it says alot about where you are going in your journey. 


I remember these well! I purchased them when they were a little snug and I struggled for years to fit into them, many times I would try them on and feel so down that they just squished my muffin to out and they were literally uncomfortable. I held strong and didn't get rid of them when I began on my journey I still kept them wondering if they fit and well the did until today. Now my "skinny" jeans no longer fit me because they are too loose. You can tell by the look on my face how happy and excited I was. I couldn't help but share this part of my journey with you because I am so proud of how far I have come. 

Nothing makes me happier than to see pictures of other people like these if you have a win I would love to see a picture of you win! Please share below a NSV ( Non Scale Victory) these to me are the best NSV of all time. We all want to feel good in our clothes.....today I do :)

Hammer and Chisel Progress DAY 16/60

Hey guys, Update on my progress with Hammer and Chisel program. This program comes with 13 workouts which is amazing and I love the variety. It also has 2 trainers Sigi from body beast and Autumn from the 21 day fix. I am on day 16 of 60. It is all about lifting weights and building muscle, toning up and getting shredded. I sometimes want instant results just like everyone else. I know that it takes time and dedication, nothing comes without hard work. I was beginning to get discouraged because the scale has stayed the same infact it is up 2 lbs! So, I pulled up my big girl panties and took some progress photos because the scale does not tell the whole story.............

THIS .....is what I saw and I was instantly motivated and excited by my results. I thought I felt leaner and I was able to see my abs a bit, but that number on the scale can definitely play tricks on our body. My goal is not to lose weight anymore, it was and now that I have all I want is to be healthy, fit and strong. That is exactly what this program is offering me. I will keep you all updated on my progress. Until next time.