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I am so excited you will be continuing on with me to the August Bootcamp! I am also excited to be spicing things up a bit which is why I would love for you to fill this out so I know how you best like to be coached by me.

Lauren and I will be running this next group together and are focusing on creating a close knit community focused on you! This month we will be host a LIVE Encouragement Cafe where women support women. Bring your coffee, tea or water and come sip with us as we provide encouragement, answer your questions, and just a judgement free zone to share all about your health and fitness journey!

In out Summer Strong group we have all new content for you and I am just so excited to finish up the last month of the Summer STRONG and together!

Name *
Are you committed to your goals and checking into this group?? *
This can be ANYTING, a direct message, tough love, tagging you in a post, a slight nudge, be reminded of your goals etc!
Before and progress photos are important for tracking your actual progress, do you agree to take your before photos and post them in the group? *
These photos are for you to compare later on down the line and will be required before we kick off day one of the group!
Do you have any friends or family you would like to invite to our next group? *
If anyone choose to do this with you, you can simply add them to the group after they grab a challenge pack. A super easy fun way to add an extra layer of accountability!