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🍩 Are you an emotional eater? 
🍩 Does the idea of a strict meal plan make you feel deprived?
🍩 Are you on track all week then go crazy on the weekend, never seeing the results you want? 
🍩 Do you exercise but struggle with your nutrition?                                                                                                                                                                                              🍩 Does a cheat meal make you feel guilty?                                                                                                                                                                                                                  🍩 Do you want to lose weight but have no time to exercise?

Have you ever tried a meal plan and just could not stick to it 100% then felt like you failed because of it? 

Do you then think, well I messed up today so I should just have the cheesecake...  then eat it only to feel super guilty and start over again the next day? 

Me too! I think we have ALL been there!

At times trying to stick to a food plan "perfectly" is WAY too stressful. I've seen so many people just give up thinking health and fitness just isn't for them but what if there was a different way!? What if we could get rid of that all or nothing mindset learning  how to eat healthy and break the cycle once and for all without strict rules!

As a 2 time C-section mama I've lost 50 lbs using a specific plan that gives me guidelines to follow, it has worked wonders for me but there are still times that I struggle when things get crazy busy, I sometimes have an all or nothing mindset which sets me back in my journey..... like during all of these trips I've been on recently.

There is a new nutritional program that released today, and I've been skeptical because could something really be better than whats been working?  After coaching for 3 years I've learned that mindset is EVERYTHING so I am going to try this out and see where it takes us!

I will be hosting a test group for this program starting May 14th for anyone who struggles with emotional eating, binge eating and/or food addiction, people who struggle with strict programs, or having that guilty feeling after " falling off track" We will be solely focused on nutrition and mindset skills.  Workouts are completely optional.

You will get so many incredible resources that you will have access to for life, as well as my exclusive support group for motivation along the way.

Join us here---->

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LIVE-LAUGH-LOVE that is what life is about.  I hope you find inspiration here for fitness, clean eating, style, make up, DIY home projects and so much more. 


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