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Are you tired of making the same resolution each year?

Are you READY to make a real lifestyle change getting FIT FOR LIFE achieving your best body EVER?

Getting that body is 80% nutrition and 20% workouts and lucky for you I have an amazing meal plan that does not deprive and delivers results!I have used this meal plan and lost 45 lbs after 2 kids and kept it off so I know first hand that it's the BOMB!

Join me and the BOD SQUAD LADIES in our private accountability group where I will pair you with the perfect at home workout to match your fitness goals without stepping foot in a gym!

A perfect meal plan that is a lifestyle you can maintain WITHOUT feeling deprived ( yall know I love my carbs and my occasional wine) You will get the same Superfood nutrition I use for your on the go busy lifestyle!

More importantly, you will get RESULTS with me as your coach, I will be in your corner the whole time. Did I mention my coaching is FREE... Yep, and you'll be set up for a WHOLE YEAR of success so no more resolutions, K sister!?

Grab the info by filling out the application to join!


LIVE-LAUGH-LOVE that is what life is about.  I hope you find inspiration here for fitness, clean eating, style, make up, DIY home projects and so much more. 


Follow me on my journey to getting fit and healthy.

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