80 Day Obsession launches TOMORROW and I am SO excited about it - but you know what, I know it is an advanced program and not everyone is ready for an extreme program. 

I will be hosting my Prepare to be Obsessed group for those doing 80 Day Obsession, but I wanted to announce that I will be hosting my regular 30 Day Accountability Bootcamp starting on January 1st and I am calling it ROCK YOUR RESOLUTION.

The New Year always symbolizes new beginnings and fresh starts. I know a lot of you have goals of making 2018 THE YEAR you get fit and healthy, once and for all. 

I want to help you lose weight, tone up and turn this into a healthy lifestyle that you maintain forever.

I will be giving you workouts that you can do from home for a YEAR - yep, setting you up for all of 2018. You will also get the same meal plan I follow that teaches you clean eating and helps you learn the correct portions for your body and goals, as well as the same superfoods I fuel my body with.

We will begin on January 1st and I normally only take on 10 new clients a month, but since it is the New Year, I will be opening up 20 new spots.

If you would like to apply and get more information:

Apply here--> www.btyafitnessjourney.com/getfit


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